New Nest Distributors just came into being on August, 2014 with new trend of Distribution business in Pakistan. The need was identified in the space of large local brands distribution companies on one end that manages well established brands and on the other end of the spectrum there are many small distribution outfits, managed mostly by family members with limited scale in reach and strategic capability and mainly lacking in compliance.

At New Nest we are rightly positioned to help new emerging brands enter the Pakistan market and add value to existing midsized brands moving up to the next level. We believe in long term partnership, where we can add value to existing and new entrants navigate the Pakistani consumer’s home through effective trade and value added services management.

New Nest is housing senior management mostly ex multinational talent to provide strategic direction to brands that will be able to compete effectively along with big brands within the category. New Nest has also acquired talent in operational management form the local distribution houses to complement the on ground execution. We at New Nest believe that the strategy and execution will synchronize in helping clients build brands for the long haul. New Nest has recently inked many relationships with a leading local companies with heritage brands serving categories in OTC, Food/ Beverages, Milk and Tea & Detergents. Most of the brands are either category leaders while some still gaining share and momentum.

The collective experience for senior management members are over 100 years across, distribution management, selling functions, business development, technical, R&D, equity and brand management, project feasibility and general management